Your curiosity will be rewarded.
If you want to play all you have to do is fill in the form below to subscribe to the game, then you’ll receive 10 stickers for free. Otherwise, you can download the graphics you prefer and print your own stickers. Follow the instructions and join the Escape to the Roof community. At the end of the game you will receive a special prize (exclusive pre-download, tour pre-sales, exclusive meet-the-band-pass and others).
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Follow the path and enjoy it.
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The challenge is to create video and photo material for social media where the official Escape on the Roof sticker appears. How to get the sticker? It’s simple, in two ways of your choice:

  1. Click on Receive stickers and fill in the form where you indicate your address to receive a free set of 10 official stickers;
  2. Click on Print Stickers and fill in the form if you prefer to choose and download the graphics of the official stickers to print your own.


Once you get the stickers, choose a representative place of your city and attach the sticker. Then shoot a short or take a picture. Share the video on TikTok and the photos on Instagram. Follow and tag the official pages of Escape to the Roof.

Please mind the rules of respective platforms and netiquette (obscenities, minors, nudes, incitement to hatred and suicide, violence in general, copyright infringement will be excluded).

The sharing by Escape to the Roof will be worth the registration to the game and will report the tag of the participants. You can attach all the stickers you want and make a video/photo montage. It will help to tell something more about your story.

In any case, you will become part of the Escape to the Roof community, and you will be entitled to special gifts:

  • free download of the upcoming album;
  • limited numbered t-shirt with the Escape to the Roof Community logo, customizable with the addition of your name or nickname;
  • badge pass to the live backstage of the band.


Please remember that your video must be uploaded using this audio file. Just in case the audio file is unavailable on social media, please download it and use it.

Enjoy it.


    You will receive printable files in your email