My name is Josh Boltzmann, and I’m a neurologist. I’ve been asked to write brief biographical notes on G.C.Wells, or at least report what we know from the few fragments recovered from current therapies. G.C.Wells suffers from a rare form of dissociative amnesia, compounded by a permanent state of anterograde amnesia. So he has almost no recollection of his identity and past life. Moreover, he is incapable of storing new information: when he wakes up in the morning, he does not remember who he was the day before and does not recognize the reality in which he lives. His medical records report stress trauma following a “moral shock:” an emotional brain blackout, the causes of which have never been clarified, because the patient was found unconscious on a bench in Hyde Park in London on the night of 28th of November 2011, dressed in rags and with a note clenched in his left hand that reads “Enjoy him. G.C.Wells”.

He doesn’t seem to have any family because no one reported him missing, and since then, he’s been living in a private specialized sanatorium that I’ve been asked not to disclose. The only people with whom G.C.Wells has a social relationship, other than health care personnel, are the members of the band Escape to the Roof, of which, however, he cannot have memory because of his clinical status.

We know of him that he is probably not English by birth, that he has traveled a lot in every part of the world, that he plays different musical instruments, and he sings as if he had always done it, but also of these facts, his memory is so incomplete that we cannot fully reconstruct his biography before the brain shock.

For all this, I was asked to keep a diary of clinical therapies through audio recordings, which will be rearranged to report through the band’s blog, in fact, his current family.